Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Creatively wrapped presents set the stage for Christmas gift giving.  Everyone, no matter what age, will take delight in beautifully and cleverly wrapped presents. Storybook presentation of gifts will make beautiful Christmas memories for family and friends, a blissful reminiscence that will always bring a smile to their faces.  Adding the Goddess Touch to your wrapping bestows happiness and joy to those you love.

It takes extra effort to wrap something imaginatively, but the creative process will give you the holiday spirit too. Not only will it give you the spirit of Christmas, but there is often a calming aspect of being creative.  One imaginative touch inspires another innovative idea and the process continues to inspire you to the next artistic presentation.

This goddess has an arsenal of supplies at this point.  Inspired long ago by Martha Stewart, I collect baskets, bows, flowers and ribbons all year long.  When I see it I buy it - putting it off to another day is always a mistake for it will be gone when you go back.  I set up tables, chairs and lights surrounded by my supplies, turn on the Christmas music and make myself a hot cocoa.  What could be a chore, becomes an enjoyable and cathartic experience.  It is a beneficial and soothing activity during a harried time of year. 

So give joy, give love and perpetuate the magic of the season by giving of yourself.

Happy Wrapping!

And Remember

Always Stay in Touch with Your Inner Goddess!


Santa Basket

I found this adorable Santa basket at Michael’s one year.  I created a bow out of ribbon that looked like Santa’s suit, its red velvet with fuzzy white fur.  Adding a pom pom that looked like Santa’s nose made for real excitement under the tree.  My daughter in law, who is a conservationist, returns it to me and each year I fill it with something new and it provides the same excitement under the tree as it did the first time.


Black White and Red Impress

This really wasn’t Christmas paper, but adding red ribbon, making a multi-loop bow and gluing on a red poinsettia made for a real wow factor under the tree. 


Warm and Fuzzy Themes

Fuzzy furry baskets led to inspiration in what direction shopping would take place.  This one called for a wintery and soft red blanket and warm slippers.  I gave it some height with red poinsettias and a warm and red velvet ribbon.


For Those Snowy Cold Nights

This basket lent itself to the same theme, but in different colors.  Finding matching blankets and slippers was all part of a fun hunting and gathering experience for me.  I found these slippers at Pottery Barn.


Dot to Dot

Reinforcing subtle dot paper with a fun dot ribbon and bow made this present perky and pretty.


When I Zig You Zag

Zig zag paper has a great effect, coupled with this coiled bow, it makes a lively combination.  I am able to find and purchase lots of fun bows and paper at Home Goods.



Everyone has a family member who is a helpful elf.  I made this for my clothing designer nephew, Colin Vitale, last year because he was very ‘elful’ and helpful to me in time of need.  I found an elf basket for the body and a different elf head basket for the top.  Adding marshmallow skewer arms and fun goodies made it an over the top presentation.

Don't forget fun gift bags with gift certificates and goodies for the teens and young adults in your life. 

Get your wrapping done this week so there is time left for baking and parties!